Breeding goats as a business


Goat as an agricultural animal has been valued since ancient times. Her milk is very useful, as well as other products that can be obtained from it. Breeding goats as a business can bring great profits if you get down to business correctly. But what do you need to start such a business, what risks and advantages do the experts point out? Answers to these and many other questions can be obtained from this article.

How to pick a goat breed?

Goats come in different directions - there are dairy, downy, woolly, meaty, mixed, and some farms simply breed goats and sell for the most part cubs, and not milk, cheese or meat. The breeder is obliged to immediately determine what business wants to conduct. And only then buy the breed, so that it does not turn out that the purchased goats cannot give him what was planned.

Having dealt with the type of future business of breeding goats you can purchase a breed. Below are the main areas and some breeds of goats that belong to them.

Goats come in different directions.

  • Wool - Angora, Holland Landrace, Kashmir.
  • Dairy - Zaanenskaya, Toggenburg, Russian white, Lamancha, Gorkovskaya.
  • Meat - Boer, Greek local, Kiko.
  • Down - Gorno-Altai, Pridonskaya, Pigora,
  • Meat and dairy - Anglo-Nubian, Cameroonian, Alpine, Jamnapari.

After the breed has been acquired, the breeder should consider whether it will sell secondary products. In small farms it is often practiced. So from a woolly look, you can sell not only wool, but also milk, cheese, kids, meat and so on. It turns out a kind of waste-free production - and it is really profitable. True, on large farms, additional personnel are always hired for this, so that the production of the product from which they receive the main income is not disturbed.

Do I need to register a business?

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A small business of breeding goats is rarely registered, since it is impossible to get big profits from it, and local sales. If the production is large, you need to get certificates and licenses, as well as register as an individual enterprise. The case is very troublesome and not cheap. So you need to be patient.

If the production is large, you need to get certificates and licenses.

Immediately it should be noted that not only in different countries, but even in different cities, the procedure for obtaining permits for business may be different. So no one can give exact instructions on this score. But after getting all the necessary papers, you can start breeding goats as a business and get a significant profit from it.

Maintaining goats - major costs

Goat breeding is a very profitable business, but one should not forget that it is necessary to initially invest a lot of money to keep it. What do you need to purchase in the first year?

  • Goats This may be a small herd of 5-10 goats or a large one - up to 100 or more, depending on the size of the planned farm. It is important to immediately take care that there are enough males and females in the stall, so as not to look for males for mating on other farms.
  • Stall. Goats can not be kept all year round on the street, they need a room where they will rest.

    Goat breeding is a very profitable business.

  • Things for the stall - tools for the care of hoofs, brushes for combing and cleaning animals, troughs for food, water, leashes and the like trifle can drag on a significant amount.
  • Dairy vehicles on large productions are extremely necessary, as well as all components to them.
  • The grazing field is rented as soon as the goats are bought. It should be big, rich in healthy herbs.

To constant expenses when starting a goat breeding business withToit include feed, hay, as well as routine inspections at the veterinarian, vaccinations of young animals, wages of workers, if any, fuel for transporting animals or finished products, etc.

What to save when breeding goats?

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The main mistake of beginning businessmen specializing in goat breeding is that they do not count their own capabilities. Business is not always going as it should, perhaps after a year of work, a person will no longer like to do this - so why invest in this matter initially fabulous sums?

Young businessman needs to practice breeding 10 goats

To save you need to "grow" gradually. A young businessman needs to practice breeding 10 goats, if the profit goes, and the work is pleasant, the sales channels are streamlined - you can expand. If not, then there will be nothing to regret.

How and where to sell products?

The implementation of the resulting product is the most difficult issue in the goat breeding business. It is recommended to first establish sales channels, and then open a business, but this is ideally. For those who are less fortunate to start with the market, small shops, supplies to cafes and restaurants. Then, when the business will increase by several times, you can target large goat milk processing plants.

It is important to note that at all enterprises, in cafes, restaurants, shops, they will request a license and papers testifying to the quality of milk. This should be prepared in advance - to do everything, to inspect the products, yet this is not fuel for cars, but food for people - you must be responsible.

What are the advantages of business?

Breeding goats as a business has positives? Of course, the most obvious of them are presented below.

  • Goat milk is about 3.5 times as expensive as cow's milk and at least twice as good as it is.

    Goat milk is about 3.5 times as expensive as cow's milk and at least twice as good as it is.

  • A goat eats a lot less than a cow, so it is very profitable in terms of spending on food.
  • Keep these animals is not difficult, they are very unpretentious and can adapt to almost any climatic conditions (in any case, if not exotic, rare species).
  • Goats not only provide healthy milk, but also meat, wool, down, cubs - this is an additional profit.

What problems may arise?

Finally, it is worth mentioning a little about the problems with which the goat breeding business is linked. Not many people like goat milk. In East Asia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France and Portugal, it is very popular, probably even more than cow, but in other countries of Europe and Asia the demand for it is not high. The point is the specific taste, which is several times inferior to the cow. That is why it is not profitable to produce large quantities of goat milk.

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